PVC Conduit Pipe & Fittings

LESSO PVC Conduit Pipe & Fittings are manufactured from specially formulated unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) to meet stringent India & International standard. Our Products are made of Extra Super high Impact Materials which make them safe to use in harsh environment. We Have in house all manufacturing and test facilities for all our products to ensure quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery.

PVC Conduit Pipe

PVC Conduit Fittings



PVC Conduit pipe has high resistance up to 25 thousand volt which makes it easy to bend without any breakage.


Corrosion Resistance

PVC Conduit Pipe & Fittings unaffected even after reaction with acids bases and oils. It has high corrosion resistance.


Anti - Insects

PVC Conduit Pipe & Fittings have been formulated with an anti-insects formula which avoids damage towards any destructive activity.


Fire Resistance

PVC Conduit Pipe & Fittings are difficult to ignite and fire proof.

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